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  5. "an amazing neighbor"

"an amazing neighbor"

Translation:جار مُمتاز

July 5, 2019



I would like the Arabic writing to be bigger. Please


Yes, my 81 year old eyes would appreciate a slightly larger type


جَــارٌ مُـمْـتَــاز

جــار مــمــتــاز

جــ ــار مــ ــمــ ــتــ ــا ز

ج ا ر — م م ت ا ز


If not clear tell me


Yes even larger, bolder type than that would be extremely helpful. Very hard to read otherwise. I don't wear glasses, and I have to squint. The big blocks with thewords/ letters are great, but the sentences can be challenging to make out, and, after awhile, I have to quit because they make my eyes sore.


Omar how do you put the little marks on top of the words ?


My keyboard you type the letter and then straight after it in the bottom right there is a dot hold that and select symbol. This is for android (samsung)

ج جَ جِ ا اٌ اَ and so on


From the keyboard down


Υου can zoom it on your phone ! Just try.


No, I can't. But I wish I could.

I found that it is a setting in Chrome, under Accessibility. Now I turned it on and I can zoom. Thanks!


Me too. I think it is getting smaller and I will have to stop learning.


Do not give up ,Learning a languages is very good and important thing .Ask me i will help you i am an Arab and i learning Englisj:)


That's great! Small comment: In Arabic there isn't "am" (the "to be" verb), but in English there is, so say: "I am learning English". (Just trying to be helpful)

Are there private messages here? Maybe I'll ask you questions when I need help?


I wrote جار مُمتاو, but the app says an alternative would be جارة مُمتازة. What is the difference?


Female form, which is ridiculous, since there is no hint that the neighbour in this sentence is female! I have written to Dulingo about this short-coming, and I suggest everyone else follows suit, since it's illogical to expect people to know they meant a female neighbour!


OK, now I caught on. When using the word bank, at least, if I had been paying attention I would have noticed. They offer ممتازة but not ممتاز, but they DO offer both جارة and جار. So, since only the feminine adjective is there, I was supposed to use the feminine noun.

All this is well for lazy me (doing this over as practice), and using the word bank. But when I was actually typing the responses, I assumed (for no legitimate reason, other than being a man I am more familiar with my male neighbors than with their wives) a male neighbor.


What's worse is that using the word bank, ONLY the feminine was offered, and when I chose it, I was told I had a typo, and it showed the masculine as correct spelling!!!


They give you a hint, actually.

They give us the "جار" and "جارة" options, but they only give us the "جديدة" option, so we need to notice that and choose the "جارة" word.


Well, why should it be a man? There is no hint in this sentence the neighbour is male either...



Because the word جارٌ itself indicates masculinity. If the word is feminine, it will be: جارةٌ.

جارةٌ ممتازةٌ : an amazing neighbor (feminine)


Thats exactly what i was shown, only the feminine ending of both words.


Away 54, would you plz write the arabic pronunciation of 'an amazing neighbour' (feminine)



"an amazing neighbour" (feminine): "jaaratun mumtaazatun" (Formal) or "jaara(h) mumtaaza(h)" (Informal).

Nb: the ةٌ -"tun" (ta marbuTa) sound becomes هْ -"h" when we don't spell the endings.


Same here, pls anyone kindly tell.


Now that I'm a bit further into the course I can say that the other version (ending in ة) is the female one.


Interesting. I just started arabic. So does this mean that the neighbour here is a female?


Is it always just ة at the end when you use the female version or are there irregularities too?



Mostly a word ended up with ة (ta marbuTa) is feminine, but yes, there are irregularities!


معاوية : mu'awiyah/mu3awia
- it's masculine, a male name!


There is no an and a in arabic


In arab, sometimes the ة at the end makes the femenine version of the noun.

So, masculine is جار جديد

And femenine is جارة حديدة

You need to put the ة in both words, so the gender will concord.

I hope its clear ❤️


jaar mumtaaz


When you have the English words, and you're supposed to choose one of the three available Arabic options; give us the Arabic pronunciations as we tap the Arabic script. I don't know what it says becausei am not familiar with the Arabic written script, but since I've heard "neighbor" in Arabic, i think i could pick the correct answer if it said it aloud for me.


Ga = جَ , aa = اا , r = ر // jaarr Ka = كَ ، rii = رِ ، m = م // kariim

ج = g , j // أ = a // ر = r
ك = k // م = m


Why do the words sometimes have ة attached to the end? It told me the correct answer is جارة مُمتازة



If the sentence says جارة ممتازة with ة ta marbuTa, this ة refers to the feminine form of "neighbor".

So, your sentence says that the amazing neighbor is a woman.


I hear "jaaru mumtaaz"...is it true?


Where do your hear anything in this exercise?



If we pronounce all the letter sounds completely, it will be:

جَارٌ مُمْتَازٌ : jaarun mumtaazun

So, it should not be "jaaru".


It would be more jaarah mumtezah. The circle eith dots on top is for feminine form and makes a slightly 3ab sound for "ah." But less throat


Can you hear the choices on a phone app?


No, the choices never have sound.


The correct answer is told to be wrong, the is no sound connected to the arabic word for amazing, so the lesson cannot be done, all hearts get lost and no progress in learning is possible,


The audio is missing for مُمتارة! Also, Dulingo has made no effort pointing out that Arabic uses gender. In fact, on this comment page, the translation shows the masculine form of the sentence even though the female form was the requirement! Come on Dulingo! This can be done much better!


How to restart a particular lesson


Duo hasn't taught me the feminine version of these words ( or that there even are feminine versions of words in arabic). I only found out from reading these comments.


How do you put the 2 little dots on any of the characters?


the two dots are part of the letter "t" ت


I jsut wanted to know. Why is there a letter after the ra in each word? Can you please explain?


Can someone explain the addition bof the tah marbootahs ? Thank you


Bigger letters please.


This exercise, (and many others!) does not have the correct response in the word bank. The required answer was جار مُمتايز (Not sure I spelled it correctly), but in the word bank it only had ممتيزة What is that final ة? It has appeared in several responses, and causes me to get "typo error".



(1) "This exercise (...) does not have the correct response in the word bank"

We can report the issue. Just click the "light bulb" symbol that is shown in the question section -- after we answered the question. Then, click "something else". If you are in Duolingo app, you can write your complaint. (But, I, myself, have never met this issue).

(2) "The required answer was "جار مُمتايز" (Not sure spelled it correctly)"

It is جار مُمتاز. You have a surplus letter, ie. ي -- it should be removed :))

(3) "it only had ممتيزة"

ممتازة :))

(4) "What is that final ة?"

This letter is called as ta marbuTa, which has the "ta" ت sound when it is not at the end of spelling and it has the هْ "h" sound at the end of spelling.

Generally speaking, ta marbuTa is a sign of the feminine form (but not always). So, ممتازة means "amazing/excellent (fem.)" that describes a feminine noun.


In arabic do we write from left to right or right to left


Right to left; if you go back to earlier lessons, you can practice this with the shorter phrases. It helps!


From right to left


Right to left


Do you think you'll get an answer faster here, rather than googling your exact question?


The written words is the exercise are female and male, no?


They mark the male version as incorrect when there is nothing indicating gender in the given English sentence! Not only that, but very little attention has been given to gender up until now. This is poor implementation.


One option had no sound and amazing was not there as an option


I would like to find an explanation of the mistake. Why I cannot see tips?



(1) "I would like to find an explanation of the mistake"

As far as I know, the only way we get the explanation of the mistake is from the forum. So, you put some questions -- then wait from other members that can solve your problem.

(2) "Why I cannot see tips?"

Unfortunately, for Arabic, all tips are still not available from the app. We should open the tips from Duolingo site, www.duolingo.com, by using our web browser app. Click the respective "tree skill lesson" and the "tips" option will be popped up. Or, ... you can read the tips and notes from this link https://duome.eu/tips/en/ar


One word was missing


They didn't explained of 'ta' in the answer nd saud it as a typo.. How lame




Just so you guys know, this is the feminine form of "neighbor."

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