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Feature request: separate alphabet lessons from other lessons (let’s count how many supporters are)

I know this has been discussed for quite some time now, but still I’d like to make one more attempt to make this happen. Please up vote so the creators know how many of us there are in sum! Once again I’ll state that it should be great to know where to go a) when you feel like practicing letters or b) when you need some vocabulary!

Thank you!

July 5, 2019



I'd appreciate this. I took Arabic in university, and I've forgotten a lot since then, but the constant alphabet practices feels super unnecessary. I wish there were a way to opt out of the alphabet-only lessons.


Agreed. Being muslim I know the alphabet really well and I can read arabic fine. But I want to focus on vocabulary and sentence structure. I thought rushing past the early skills would push the focus away from alphabet but the first 5-6 questions are always alphabet ones that I just zoom past without learning much.


I've finished the course and the penultimate topic "Geo 2" still has Arabic script lessons in it. As such, testing out of all topics that contain Arabic script lessons means missing out on almost all of the grammar/vocabulary lessons in the course.

Separating Arabic script lessons from grammar/vocabulary lessons into different topics would be ideal.


I think if you get your crown levels up real quick to Max on the alphabet lessons, then you'll get far less alphabet exercises.


Not true at all, unfortunately.


I think this is the right way to do it for many reasons! Duolingo developpers got it right. I would just add more exercises with pictures to be matched by words (written in the right font, of course) at the beginning of each topic. I would like to be able to memorize better the single key nouns (house, boy, etc) before finding them in a long sentence written in small fonts... I also find Duolingo stories very very good and useful. It would be great to introduce something more entertaining inside the course. After a while it becomes a bit boring just translating plain sentences. Sorry for my long opinion...but so I hope that someone up there will read it.

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