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Arabic Beta version suggestion

Hello, I have been learning arabic from an English speaking perspective as well as a multiple other languages. I understand that Arabic is only in beta so I am offering some suggestions. As I have been very progressive thus far in arabic; surprisingly. I have found a few interesting glitches that maybe I am unaware to have a purpose. I use Duolingo on 3 devices, my iPhone XR, iPad 6 and MacBook Pro. I have successfully completed Alphabet 1, 2 and 3 and just started Alphabet 4. I breezed through it surprisingly by teaching my self how to understand the language letters and words. However in alphabet 1-3 it doesn't tell you what any of the letters or words are in English. But started asking how to write countries names. From prior self understanding of what I learned I was quickly able to master the countries you ask for by simply keeping a few notes., as far as I know jajaj, da, jabaj , day, dhaw, dhay have no English translation. But in Alphabet 4 it started to ask questions like how to write an amazing door, a door, a new garage etc. There is hardly any bridge to help you figure it out without making your XP score go down for getting questions wrong. I live for the extra points!. I quickly noticed some similarities in the words and started to piece it together rather quickly but is there a reason why Alphabet 1-3 is not translated into any English. Is it possible to edit the curriculum and tell us what all the words learned in 1-3 actually mean if it cannot be translated into direct English? Thats all I got for now really but I must say I'm excited to continue this language, I have always took progress reviews in all the other languages I've been learning but never able to achieve higher then a 0.7 in Spanish. However my progress review in Arabic I was able to achieve a 1.4 which I was excited about. I love your platform and will continue to be a paying member of your service. Could you please share some insight on how and why you constructed arabic alphabet 1-3 the way you have, Im unsure if its my ignorance to the language or if its simply because of beta form still being formatted. Thanks, and I love Duolingo!

July 5, 2019



They don't mean anything at all.

They are just showing sounds transliterating between the abjad and the romanization.


Это просто слоги, буквы, а не слова. Поэтому их не переводят, а пишут звучание. Благодаря алфавиту 1-3 можно прочитать слова, которые потом идут - гараж, дом, дверь, страны и имена.

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