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"هٰذِهِ مَدينة قَديمة وَمُهِمّة."

Translation:This is an old and important city.

July 5, 2019



I really wish their English were better - This is an old and an important city is marked incorrect - give me a break!


That's not correct in English. The indefinite article is only used once when the noun is written once but there are multiple adjectives. For example, "This is a red, big, and bouncy ball" (as opposed to "a red, a big, and a bouncy ball"). However, if the noun is repeated you would repeat the article: "This is a red ball and a bouncy ball."


Maybe improve your English first?


هٰذا vs. هٰذِهِ?


the word مدينة is a feminine noun in Arabic so هذه is the correct answer.


How should I pronounce هِ? And then the whole word هٰذِهِ?


This city is old and important should also be correct!


No, it would be هٰده المدينة قديمة ومهمة, you need to add the ال before the word مدينة


Exactly. But what do you expect from developers that don't even match a correct sound file to a character graphic and in numerous cases didn't even upload the sound file we were supposed to listen to to select the correct matching character graphic.


Why is مدينة being pronounced madin (and not madina)?


Why would "This city is old and important." Be wrong? In other lessons i have done using the descriptor in the fashion the was correct in the instance was wrong.

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