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More Languages

So far, I'm focusing on the languages in this order: 1) Spanish - I'd say 60% of my time is spent here. 2) Italian 20% 3) Portuguese 15% 4) German 2.5% 5) French 2.5%

I can't wait for some more languages to be available. I really want to learn Korean, Hindi, Arabic, others too, but these 3 are the main ones I'm ready to start learning.

With all that said, is the next language to be available to learn on Duolingo already in progress of getting ready to be released? If so, what language, and expected/estimated availability date?

April 16, 2013



Pǔtōnghuà Wǒ xiǎng yào tā


Mandarin please!


I would love mandarin, I joined this for spanish but I can't find a decent app for mandarin. I know it would take awhile because you have to add chinese(written) mandarin(spoken) & pinyin(written phonetic) but I know a lot of people would use it. Spanish English & Mandarin are the most spoken languages in the world.


it seems a little glitchy but the Panda is way cooler than the Owl & I am learning. Xie Xie


Oops, I see I missed you reply for (according to Duo) 1 year. How is it going with learning Mandarin?


Sorry for the late reply/bumping an old thread, but there is another application similar to Duolingo for people trying to learn Mandarin, called "HelloChinese". Combining this with ChineseSkill and DuoLingo's new application TinyCards could be a good way to get a foundation of Mandarin grammar and vocabulary down.


I suppose it's never to late to offer people good language advice. :)


Never knew so many people like Mandarin. It'll take a long time to add Mandarin but I think they should give it a try.


They have English for Mandarin speakers so it seems logical to me they should be able to reverse engineer it and pop it out pretty quick.


It does seem logical, but unfortunately that is not the case. Mandarin is in high demand, but have we considered that English is a high demand for Mandarin speakers? I'm assuming that it is still in Beta and the course contributors are dealing with an overwhelming amount of reports, considering how many users there are.

After the course has graduated from Beta, the reverse course should be made, which might not be soon. I'm not sure how Duolingo deals with reverse courses, but they do take quite longer than you make it sound, but slightly faster since there already is a reverse course, in my opinion.


A good portion of the "Mandarin speakers" learning English might actually be English speakers using the course to learn Chinese. It is slightly more difficult as there is no audio and no pīnyīn to help you but if you have some basic knowledge of Chinese it seems to be working OK, I just started taking that course myself. Remember to turn off all audio in settings so you don't have to do English audio tests and of course you need to add Chinese to your language bar for character input.


I thought the course had completed Beta but it is still in Beta (the bar is almost to stable so it should be long) & it is in very high demand with 6.5 million users I imagine that number will balloon rapidly when beta is complete. I still don't think the reverse would take long. You have to write out the explanations for the grammar lessons but about from this all the other information is already in the system


It's been a couple of months since I've looked at the course but that sounds about accurate.

I guess the reverse course could be released quickly, but, I think that's only if they don't decide to explain about the tones for pronunciation, introduce pinyin, etc (and all the other differences). There have also been many arguments on some other reasons that it might take a while, (but I can't list them to you from the top of my head).

I'm a bit doubtful about the quick release. I've noticed that languages with big differences from English are taking a long time to be released.


Pinyin is just the phonetic system it's fairly simply to explain. Writing Chinese characters is a complicated process but I assume it would not be included in the lessons considering the abundance of apps that will type Chinese characters by inputting pinyin with a standard keyboard. A friend in Beijing actually told me most people forget proper stroke order and a lot of the other rules related to writing characters once they finish school. For those interested in Calligraphy there's plenty of other apps to learn it. But you are right, I noticed the languages using Cyrillic instead of latin alphabet were developed a lot slower so maybe the Chinese for english speakers is a long ways off but we can always hope


Mandarin for me as well, please. I joined hoping for mandarin but I will stick to Spanish for now. :/


I joined for Spanish - but would love Mandarin as a secondary language to learn properly


你还 My recommendations for learning chinese: HelloChinese mobile app Chinese skill mobile app range Quizlet flashcards (search for chinese or make your own) The free version of the busuu course (not as good at teaching grammar and words as the first two, mostly whole phrases).

My favourite is HelloChinese, is most like duolingo, and there are several languages you can learn from so no need for many of you to have to learn from English.


I'm voting for Mandarin too! :)


Mandarin please too. I probably would do one romance language, but I would do learn either Russian or Chinese


Why is Mandarin taking so long? I am guessing is because of the characters and probably teaching a new alphabet will require to get pre courses. But still, let us get a BETA! Come on Duo, I believe in you!


Mandarin and Japanese, please!


I agree, mandarin would be great even if it is just the pinyin. Then they can add the characters once they do initial tests with pinyin.


It is actually better to start with the characters right away, but maybe adding options for using Pīnyīn and Hànzì at once or just one of them.


I would love for Mandarin as well.


Mandarin, please!!?


I agree! I would like to learn Mandarin on Duolingo. I'm having a lot of fun with Irish ...this would be a great platform for Mandarin! :)


I second Mandarin!


Mandarin. I first came to Duolingo looking for Mandarin. I'm just biding my time with French as I have faith it'll come sooner or later.


i know this board is old but i had to replay. I too really want mandarin, i'm taking it right now in high school and this program would be really helpful (i really dont wanna go back to rosettta stone) also arabic (classical) since im taking that too.

edit: i also joined for mandarin and swedish


If you have a smartphone, I recommend ChineseSkill. It's basically the same as Duolingo, but they only teach Mandarin.


ChineseSkill and HelloChinese are both good apps but none of them are available on desktop. Which is preferable when doing writing tests.

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I also would love to see Mandarin as an option.


Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world. Duolingo, please add Mandarin.


Mandarin and Arabic. Affordable and quality tools to learn both of these lanugages are so hard to find.


It would be nice if I could learn Japanese... Mandarin would be useful for other people too.


I seem to remember that there were plans to have Mandarin taught through the medium of English. In fact, I could swear that I signed up to be alerted when the course was finished. However, now I see that it's not listed as being in incubation anymore. What happened? Do I have a head injury and hallucinated it?

I recognise of course that it will be a heck of a challenge to get off the ground, so I'm not complaining. Just wondering is all. Thanks!


For those requesting Mandarin, EdX is offering an Introduction to Mandarin. It's self-paced and free. I haven't tried it yet but I have tried other courses by EdX and enjoyed them.

Just thought it is something people could start with while we wait for Duolingo to get one going.




mandarin or cantonese, farsi.


Definitely Mandarin!


Mandarin, por favor.


I joined about a year ago hoping to see mandarin on here. I would love if it was added one day, even if it stayed in beta and phase 2 for a long time. Just to see that it is started would be nice.


vedemos aprender nuevos idiomas para la fortalisacion de nuestra humanidad




MANDARIN!!!! It's the most widely spoken language in the world... why isn't it on duo lingo???


Mandarin for English speakers


I see there are requests for Mandarin for over 2 years and still no Mandarin. It is one of the most spoken languages in the world and its surprising Mandarin is not here yet.

Would be really nice to get some insight into if and when Mandarin will be here.



I would also love to see Mandarin for English speakers here on Duolingo. It's really surprising that this hasn't been made available yet. If it doesn't show up soon, then I'll probably check out what's available on Memrise but I'd much rather stick to using Duolingo as much as possible.


Yeah I'd rather stick to Duolingo too but how long can you wait? You can look at apps like Memrise, Chinese Skill & Hello Chinese.


Do mandarin duolingo- Even if it's named after a tangerine!


I hope Mandarin is included in the new releases. much needed

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