Question mark?

Does anyone else have problems typing question mark in Portuguese course? Yesterday it was working perfectly, but today I cannot type question mark anymore.

It only happens when I have to type a sentence in Portuguese. When I'm translating from Portuguese to English, it is not a problem and everything works fine.

I have come across this issue while strenghtening skills.

It is slightly irritating, that I have to find a question mark on the internet, copy it and then paste at the end of a sentence. :)

I use Portuguese keyboard. Is it possible that the position of question mark has changed for the course? :P

Obrigado pelas respostas! :)

June 9, 2014


Bug not reproducible here.

Regardless, you don't have to type any question marks anyway (or for that matter all punctuations except spaces and apostrophes).

Ah, understand. I'll delete the topic, but where can I report the bug?

This should be the correct place.

Just to be sure, it was working before, right? Normally I would have guessed that you simply didn't know the layout of the keyboard, but if it was working before then I probably can rule that out, but you may want to check the layout for example by searching on the internet or (on Windows) by opening the On-Screen Keyboard (search it on the start menu).

Yes, it was definitely working before.

When I'm writing a sentence in English I have no problem typing the question mark (even with Portuguese keyboard). Discussion section works fine too. But under the same conditions when I'm supposed to write a sentence in Portuguese (in the learning section) and add a question mark, it is not possible. It simply does not do anything.

So what I do, is open google, type a question mark, copy and paste it.

I'll try using English keyboard, if that works better. But then it won't work with the accents, so I'd definitely appreciate, if it could be changed back.

PS: English keyboard works fine, even for Portuguese sentences (I can't use accents though, when using English keyboard!).

For me, right alt key + w seems to work.

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