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Time zone issues

I downloaded duo lingo while working in Malaysia but I live in the UK. Is there no way of changing my time zone so I don't lose my streak? The time difference is such that it resets at 5PM which is about the time I tend to sit down to do my German and I've lost my streak a few times already! many thanks in advance!

June 9, 2014



It doesn't matter what time the timer resets. You just have to earn points every 24 hours.


If I do have to leave is there any way I can open the new account with the same email address?


Unfortunately, you cannot.
You can use DL reminder emails to help you remember to study. Other than that, as others have suggest, as long as you get points once every 24 hours, you will be in good shape.
Good Luck!

Also, don't forget to buy a streak freeze! It will keep you you from losing your streak if you don't study for a day. Make sure to buy a new one if you accidentally have to use it.


Well, I'm back and hopefully in the right time zone... thank you all for your help.

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