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It is not possible to read the characters, dots and lines for Arabic Words due to the small size of the fonts used. Please test it in tablets and smart phones to find the proper size.

July 5, 2019



bigger and with bigger spaces between words please !!


I also agree, even using a magnifying glass is difficult to read!


I see that this thread is already 9 months old but there is still no fix. Please give some time to solve this. I know you have been working on Arabic for so long and it is so nice to have it. Unfortunately I know already two people who have stopped the lesson just because of this!


There's no way I can modify mobile versions but for web version, that is, when you use Duolingo on Firefox or Chrome, I've provided a workaround


Yeah I agree, sometimes reading the Arabic words is hard when it is printed really small. I am doing Discussion 1, 3/5 I believe and it tells me to click on the fish. It shows a picture of the fish, so I obviously know the answer, but since I am trying to learn the word for fish, I want to read the actual text below it. The text below the image of the fish, however, is extremely small and hard to see to write down.


This is a major design flaw in the mobil app. When Alijsh writes "There's no way I can modify mobile versions.." this is by definition incorrect because cellphones are computers and computers are programable. The problem is the software design, and the solution depends on time, expense and expertise.


What I wrote is by any definition CORRECT! I'm an ordinary user and not one of the developers of Duolingo's mobile apps. I don't have access to their programming codes and "there's no way I can modify mobile versions"


Thank you for your reply, Alijsh. I apologize if i offended you.

I have found it impossible to communicate with Duolingo as a company, even though i am a paid subscriber. The code of the mobile app can be modified and the font size fixed, if the necessity can be communicated. It was my hope that company employees might see this thread.

By the way, thank you for the web version work around.


You're welcome. Unfortunately, Duolingo's Arabic course has much bigger problems than the display font. The course is too immature. I've finished the whole tree and it doesn't cover even 5% of Arabic grammar. It's ridiculous to have so many lessons on a romanized alphabet to learn 3us is read عُس! Look at Japanese, for example. They start to teach you Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji from the very first lessons. They teach you the real writing system rather than Romaji! Ditto for Hindi, Chinese, Korean, ... The Arabic course leaves a lot to be desired. It isn't even an alpha let alone a beta project!


I had the same problem. Now, I installed an extension to the browser that enhances arabic script. It's way more legible, althought a bit uglier. The one I'm using is Wudooh.


Yes, I did something similar with Alijsh recommendation, but it affected display of some other sites, tho that may just be a coincidence.

Keep in mind, this posting is about the mobile application though. I finally surrendered the project of studying Arabic until they make the mobile app functional for people with vision problems. Apparently they do not have a spare half hour to increase the Arabic font size. For such a crowd-sourced project, they seem impervious to feedback.

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