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  5. "رانْيا دُكْتورة وَأُسْتاذة."

"رانْيا دُكْتورة وَأُسْتاذة."

Translation:Rania is a doctor and a professor.

July 5, 2019



Clever girl...


In English you don't need "a" fir the second profession


I did not get doctor as an optional word.


How can you be both a doctor and a professor?


Someone has to teach med school. Also it's possible to both teach and have patients.


The word دكتور means doctor as an academic grade, e. g., PhD but also the academic grade for a medical doctor. So, it is not uncommon that a professor also is a doctor.

If you look for the word for a medical doctor (as a job description) that would be طبيب.


Thanks, didn't know that.


Not to mention that if you go to medical school, you will find that many medical doctors are at the same time professors...


I'm sorry, I don't understand. I do understand the difference between nationality (comes first) and personality but what is the difference here (doctor and professor) that decides the word order?


What you are referring to is the order of adjectives that are not separated by the word "and". Here "doctor" and "professor" are nouns. The word order does not matter. Usually, the main profession, or the most important occupation, in the mind of the speaker, would be mentioned first.

Here what matters is that doctor is said first in the sentence: "Rania (is a) doctor and (a) professor.


The audios don't match. The full sentence has sounds that the words given don't. Im so confused.


The "sounds" that sentences can have, but words by themselves do not have, is "nunation" that appears when words are in a sentence to show their "case". In this sentence, though, the "sounds" I think you are referring to are the feminine endings added to "doctor" and "professor".


Its a right sentence


There seems to be a lot of confusion about the word order: "doctor" ("دُكْتورة") has to come first because "وأسْتاذة" has the "و" in front of the "أسْتاذة", which means "and professor."

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