"I speak to the people of my time."

Translation:Ich spreche zu den Menschen meiner Zeit.

April 16, 2013

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A Roman would find this sentence redundant. You have a case system AND you need the preposition? What's the point


I also don't get this. Can anyone explain why this is the case here?


Latin has cases and prepositions (two-way prepositions too). A Roman wouldn't feel too out of his element with German. Adjective declension would probably be as infuriating for him as it is for me.


Why isn't "Ich spreche mit die Leute meiner Zeit" acceptable? In a previous sentence (something about "My wife talks to the plants"), it was translated using sprechen and mit. Also, is Leute not a valid translation for "people"?


mit takes a dative so it would be "mit der Leute". Maybe here there is also difference between "talking with" and "talking to". I don't remember the sentence about talking to plants, but it would make sense that someone would talk to plants, but not with plants... I would think this question would be analogous though. Not sure.


Hm so if it's dative, then wouldn't it be "mit den Leuten"? Like shown here: http://german.about.com/library/blcase_dat.htm Thanks for the tip.


Whoops! My bad. Yes, since it's always plural. Good catch.


is ´Zeit´ in Dative and ´Menschen´ in Genitive?


Actually "Menschen" is in dative and "Zeit" is in genitive.


what the sentence really means? it means "I speak to the people about my time"?


could "ich spreche mit der Leute meiner Zeit" be right?

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