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  5. "كَلْب كَريم"

"كَلْب كَريم"

Translation:a generous dog

July 6, 2019



A generous dog??? - You must be kidding. - Aren't you?


Lassie is generous

[deactivated user]

    This is what I love about Duolingo. Funny sentences that make zero sense, but are still helpful in learning the language


    I see I still need to research on how to distinguish between a generous dog and a dog of Kareem


    A dog of Kareem. كلبُ كريم .

    A generous dog. كلبٌ كريم .


    I can't see the difference tho :D


    A dog of Kareem = Kalbu kareem A generous dog = Kalbun Kareem


    The "tanwin" which "n" sounds is important to defer some using of grammatical context in Arabic...



    You can see the differences clearly in Formal Standard Arabic.

    1) A Kareem's dog: كلبُ كريمٍ - kalbu kariimin. This possessive structure is called as 2iDaafa الإضافة. We can see both words has the differences at their ending sounds, -u vs -in.

    2) A generous dog: كلبٌ كريمٌ - kalbun kariimun. كريم here has the same ending sound (-un) with كلب because the previous is the attributive adjective of the later.


    Thanks Duo, my dog is generous too!


    So the reason I wanted to learn Arabic is that some of our best friends are from Jordan. When we asked them the word for dog it was something lik "ow-ow".

    Also, their "I am" sounded more like "any" rather than " ana" but they said that was dialect


    Modern Standard Arabic is not spoken in daily life. It's like Latin in the Roman Empire. People speak dialects in different countries.


    Yes in indonesia when people use arabic slang they say Ané not Ana, too


    I mean, when I tried it in google it gave me cream dog..... I did not want a cream dog. Not sure how generous became creamy but okay.


    "Kareem" (Arabic) could have been wrongly transliterated to "cream". Happens when Google Translate does not know the actual translation and just ends up transliterating it.

    By the way, this tool heavily depends on inputs and corrections from users. So it could be wrong. Whenever you see it wrong, just flag it, or if possible provide a correction, so the translation gets reviewed ;)


    I don't like the word Kareem to be associated with a dog.


    Duo can't plenty everyone.


    My granny is an old generous dog. Always barking and gifting.

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