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  5. "اِمْرَأة أَمْريكِيّة ذَكِيّة"

"اِمْرَأة أَمْريكِيّة ذَكِيّة"

Translation:a smart American woman

July 6, 2019



Why does it sound like: "Imra2a atun Amriikya tun rakiya." I know that sometimes un is added. But I'm hearing atun and tun.


The computer is pronouncing it wrong a lot.

In formal Arabic, if she is the subject, "imra'a", "'amrikiyya", and "dhakiyya" must ALL end in "tun". If she is the object they all end in "tan". If your talking about something that belongs to her they should all end in "tin", as in "kalb-(u/a/i) imra'atin 'amrikiyyatin dhakiyyatin.

If you're talking about "THE smart American woman" the "n" disappears (and for this word the beginning changes a little too) it's al-mar'atul-'amrikiyyatul-dhakiyyatu / al-mar'ata l-'amrikiyyata l-dhakiyyata / al-mar'ati l-'amrikiyyat il-dhakiyyati.

And in vernacular speech, the "n" at the end and the vowels before it for subject object and genetive case aren't pronounced anyway, so it would just be 'imra'a 'amrikiyya dhakiyya, or al-mar'a l-'amrikiyya l-dhakiyya, except that dialects use different words for "woman".


This is called ta marbuta ة / ـة It has t sound but only if it is followed by a vowel. Also, short vowels that come immediately before a pause (like in the end of a sentence) are always omitted which causes the last ـة to be omitted as well


Is it not the same "an American smart woman" than "a smart American woman"? Please...


I answered the correct answer. And the feedback was wrong


the audio goes too fast for beginners!


I typed the exact words z capitalization was only different but it said wrong


A smart American woman


It's not working properly

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