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  5. "Seth has a t-shirt."

"Seth has a t-shirt."

Translation:عِنْد سيث تي شيرْت.

July 6, 2019



Plus there is a mistake in the word عند . The correct word is عنده


What is right in real Arabic عنده or عند?


Basic form: عند (with/having) Derived form: عندهُ (he is having/with him)


I'd much rather say سيث عنده تي شيرت


This word is not from the original Arabic language. Tee shirt.


Please elaborate and please tell us whether you refer to a particular dialect or fus7a. It can help vocab building. شكر


I'm surprised that "T-shirt" as translated that way! As a native arabic speaker I can assure you that it has a proper meaning = قميص = Qamees


Thanks for letting us know, NeNe. Always helpful to hear from native speakers. It might have to do with the sometimes ambiguous English words "shirt" and "t-shirt," which can in some contexts be used inter-changeably, although a 't-shirt' is more informal. A common way to refer to 'shirt' in MSA/Fus7a is قميص, which looks a lot like Spanish camisa. (Similar to "shoes": صبّاط // zapato, whereas in Fus7a حذاء is common. Analogously, 'sneakers' in English is more informal than 'shoes' but can be used interchangeably. There's a discussion of shoes in global Arabic here: https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/all-dialects-shoe-shoes.1272771/) One of the ways to say the informal item of clothing called a t-shirt is تي شيرت, but I have no doubt that قميص can also be found. Have a lingot for helping us.

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