about "Handwriting" of Japanese.

Hi! I will post because I guess it may become any clues of handwriting.

I found an app in the App store. The name is "Clear". ("Clear 高校生&大学生のノート... ") And it also has "the web site."

It is the app that students post their notebooks of school subjects. They show their notebooks and look at others notebooks each other. It is to learn for Japanese students. But I think it will not only help Japanese students but learners of Japanese.

Because we can see actually written sentences by Japanese students. I think that you don't need to understand all sentences. And there are good and not good characters. But I think you can get the atmosphere.

you choose grades of school.

小学生(elementary school student)

中学生(junior high school student)

高校生(high school student)

大学生(university student)

and you choose each subject. For example, following are junior high school subjects.







公民(social study?)


保健体育(health and p.e.)

技術・家庭(industrial arts and homemaking)

美術・作品(art and works)


勉強方法(how to study)


掲示板(bulletin board)

and you choose anybody's notebooks. e.g. elementary school student 6 grade 国語/Japanese


an elementary school student 6 grade (11 or 12 years old) Horizontal writing 横書き


elementaly school 6 grade English (when I was a child, we started English since junior high school. Now since elementary school 5 grade, maybe.)

[英語]6年復習/[English]6 grade Review

中学に繋がる英単語~数字〜/ English words leading to junior high school~numbers〜

大学生 数学 線形代数学2【応用から活用まで】(製作中) University student, math,linear algebra2 【from application to utilization】(during production) I don't know the contents though, it is the beautiful notebook.

elementary school student 6. all subjects notebooks

(I put some links for people who can not access the app/website.)

July 6, 2019


Thank you for reading as soon as! XD

By the way, I am not the employee of the app's company. It is true!!

And there are sometimes mistakes because real students actually wrote them.

July 6, 2019

This is a good resource.

July 6, 2019

Arigatou, Sora!

July 6, 2019

Very interesting resource. Thank you Sora!

After looking through a few of those notebooks, my respect has increased for the work of teachers in Japan. It can be enough of a challenge just reading many English people's handwriting, even though we only have 26 letters to differentiate!

I read through that example notebook you suggested at the very end of your post. Not only was it interesting for handwritten text reading practice (although this one has comparatively easy to read handwriting), but also I didn't actually know that about the history of Easter Island. So that 11~12 yr old was able to teach me something. XD

Could I ask a question about that notebook? Where it says 原1, 原2 and 目1, 目2, 目3... What does this use of 原 and 目 mean?

July 6, 2019

Hi! Testmoogle!

I am keeping learning English, too!

I guess they mean "原因/cause" and "目的/purpose" from the contents.

原因.1st. 原因.2nd 目的.1st. 目的.2nd. 目的.3rd.

It is my imagination, not absolutely. What do you think of them?

July 6, 2019


That's exactly what I thought for 目, since the three points are a list of various 目的 the Polynesians might have had for cutting down lots of trees. I just wanted to make sure that this wasn't a coincidence, in case instead it might have been a common abbreviation of something similar to 一番目, 二番目,...

As for 原因, I didn't realise at all that it might be this! The first thought that came into my head was that 原 must be an abbreviation of 原則, however this didn't seem to really make sense. So I was confused. Then I remembered 原理 and thought maybe it's this instead, but it still didn't make sense to me. I couldn't think of any other words 原 could be an abbreviation for...

Now you've said 原 means 原因, this makes perfect sense! Thank you very much! ^^

July 6, 2019

I could get your agree, I was relieved.

July 6, 2019


July 6, 2019


July 6, 2019

Nice! Thank you!

July 6, 2019

Thank you!

July 6, 2019

I kinda gave up on Japanese, but I might return to it and this is useful for actual Japanese students, so thank you kind sir/ma'am/person

July 6, 2019

i implore you to watch this. its helped me more than i thought it would. :]

July 7, 2019


July 7, 2019

Thank you!!! This is super helpful!

July 7, 2019


July 7, 2019

thank you Sora

July 7, 2019

This is a really good resource, thanks for sharing!

July 7, 2019

Thank you for sharing this!

July 7, 2019

Thank you, fellow!

July 8, 2019

Thank you!

July 8, 2019

Thank you

July 8, 2019


July 8, 2019

thank you

July 8, 2019


July 8, 2019

Excellent Stuff this is. Thanks a ton

July 8, 2019

Wow they have a subject on how to study? It's really cool!

July 8, 2019

Thank you, I don't really study Japanese anymore but I'm sure this is incredibly helpful to other users! Arigato, (thank you.) ;)

July 9, 2019


July 10, 2019

What I noticed is that most of the Native-Japanese students have cute-petite writing. Even with Kanji - hoW?

July 12, 2019
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