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  5. "مَدينة أَمْريكِيّة كَبيرة"

"مَدينة أَمْريكِيّة كَبيرة"

Translation:a big American city

July 6, 2019



I am having a lot of trouble finding out where this invisible words come from. If you play the whole thing it says " Amrikillah Ton Kabirah" or something like that. But playing word by word "Ton" just dissappers since its not written. Could someone help me out? This has been happening to me since I started


This "ton" sound consists of two parts: the (T) is ة which is the last letter of the word أمريكية, and the (on) is actually a tanween which is the accent (ٌ ); a double damma ( ُ ) placed on the ة. It is pronounced when reading the whole sentence as one unit; whereas when saying the word by itself, it is not usually pronounced.


And I believe the tanween should also be pronounces at the end of مدينة in the same way as well.


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ارجو اضافة باقي الارقام التي تمثل اصواتا باللغه الانجليزية (2=ء)(3=ع)('3=غ)(4=ذ)(5=خ)(6=ط)('6=ظ)(7=ح)(8=ق)(9=ض)('9=ض)


أتفق معك


Shouldn't it be America is a big city? But that doesn't make sense though..


For some reason my first reply vanished the moment I hit the post button, so here it goes again:

No, because in Arabic the adjectives come after the noun. مَدينة أَمْريكِيّة كَبيرة madiinh amrikiyyh kabiirh -- city american big

Meaning a city that's american and big, thus a big American city.


Does Medina relate to the city outside of Mecca?


yes but ıts meaning is 'city' in arabic


That city is called Madinatul Munawwarah that translates into "the enlighted city"


Whats the extra sound between american and big?


It called "tanween" .. This used specially in fus'ha .. Its a grammatical rule.. The meaning could be changed if you used another "tanween".. Theres three types of tanween .. Madina-tun ٌ Madina-tan ً Madina-tin ٍ


Nunation/tanween is used in Classical and Modern Standard Arabic, but not in the dialects, to designate the case of the words. "Case" meaning whether the nouns and adjectives are the subject or object in the sentence, or show possession. With the latest update to the course, though, I've noticed that the nunation has been taken out of a lot of the sentences that used to have it.


Two mistakes here. 1- "City" should be pronounced as "madeenah" not as "madeen", it's always a feminine. Unless you don't mean "city".. then there would be "madeen" and madeenah" means "in debt". Notice that I didn't mention tanween because there's three types of it that differ from sentence to another according to it's grammar. 2- "أمريكيّة", here we have what we call "shadda" " ّ " it's like double the letter, you pronounce it like the rr in "arrest" or the cc in according".

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