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11 resources you can use to improve your Arabic ^-^

  1. Memrise

  2. Arabicpod101

  3. LearnArabicwithMaha[YouTube]

  4. Rocket Languages

  5. Learn With Safaa[YouTube]

  6. Mondly

  7. Imran Alawiye[YouTube]

  8. Gateway to Arabic Books 1-7

  9. Bliu Bliu

  10. Arabic Mike[YouTube]

  11. All The Arabic You Never Learned the First Time Around

Beware because some features might not be free. ^-^

ps. If you have a resource that you wanna share, comment it and I'll add it onto the list. ^-^

July 6, 2019



Maha does a great job teaching Arabic, I enjoy her videos!


Thanks... Also, a Dr. Imran Hamza Alawiye on YouTube is a great teacher for absolute beginners of Arabic. His course is called "Gateway to Arabic" - check it out, ya'll!.


Gateway to Arabic is a very great way to learn Arabic. I'm currently on Book 4 and boy have I learnt a lot. XD



These are good resources


Bliubliu is a good site especially if you're adding your own texts.


I see they teach my native language. I'll make sure to add that on. Thanks. ^-^


"Arabic Mike" [YouTube] - a British guy that has loads of helpful videos on learning Arabic.


Thanks! ^-^ I'll add that on.


All The Arabic You Never Learned the First Time Around is a great online resource too!


I'll add that on. Thanks! ^-^


Excellent post...'arabic language transfer' on youtube is so good for word structure...

Maha is great....Imran Hamza is wonderful too...only found him a couple of days ago as i hadn't seen this post....loving it all...thank you for the variety


Theres an official website at Al-Jazeera, dedicated to learning Arabic! https://learning.aljazeera.net/en It has levels for beginner, elementary, intermediate, upper intermediate, and advanced. It also includes a level test, vocalization and more. A really well-put website for Arabic :)


Memrise is vast but not as beginner friendly as duolingo

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