"Mio padre fa il pescatore."

April 16, 2013


why is it "a fisherman" wouldn't the correct translation be "the fisherman"?

April 20, 2013

Indeed it is the definite article in the Italian and should therefore be "the".

May 3, 2013

Why is it "fa" here and not "è"?

April 16, 2013

They are interchangeable when describing professions.

You can use 2 constructions: Mio papà fa il dottore OR Mio papà è un dottore (both are translated as: My dad is a doctor)

April 16, 2013

Can you use this constructions with things that aren't strictly professions? Say for example, 'faccio la studentessa'.

May 13, 2013

So if you had used "è" here it would be translated as "My father is the fisherman" but because it's "fa" it's "My father is a fisherman"?

July 22, 2013

that's what it seems like

July 28, 2013

so in this case il pescatore means a fisherman (not a specific but as a role)

June 26, 2013

Sì, corretto.

June 26, 2013

Ho scritto: "My fther is fisherman": Anche in questa risposta c'è confusione! L'articolo indeterminativo "il", viene sostituito, arbitrariamente, con l'articolo indeterminativo "un".

August 14, 2013
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