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  5. "اِمْرَأة عَرَبِيّة"

"اِمْرَأة عَرَبِيّة"

Translation:an Arab woman

July 6, 2019



I think I'm hearing a 'tu' sound between the words? What is that?


I'm only a beginner, so this explanation might not be 100% right, but I know that the taa-marbuta (ending for most feminine words) is a special letter. When it's used at the end of a word it's "tied", so pronounced like an 'a'. But when a word ending in that letter is conjugated, it's "untied" and becomes a 't' (taa-maftuha). I think that's what's happening here - the 'un' suffix is being added for the adjective, so the taa-marbuta becomes a 't'.


The "...tun" that you are hearing is the nominative/subjective case ending for this feminine noun, which tells us that the word is the subject of the sentence.


Spelling mistakes should not be the reason why it is wrong

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