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  5. "So what if we are different?"

"So what if we are different?"

Translation:Lalu mengapa jika kita berbeda?

July 6, 2019



The helping words don't help here


And why is mengapa used here?


An expression ("so what") can't be translated word for word. "Lalu mengapa" is an idiomatic equivalent.


"Lalu mengapa" word for word is "Then why" which has quite a different meaning than "So what"


"So what if we are different?" is a rhetorical question that means "It doesn't matter if we are different".

"Lalu mengapa jika kita berbeda?" means the same thing.


Thank you Femmy. However for "so what", can we also use "lantas" (instead of "lalu mengapa")? I'm pretty sure I heard that before...


Yes, we can use "lantas".


Thank you for sharing your knowledge Femmy


Aleksandro and Jake's points stand, however. "So what" cannot be translated word-for-word into "Lalu mengapa". Therefore it would be helpful if when I hover over "So what", "Lalu mengapa" appeared as a translation of the two words together. Instead, the helping words only translate the individual words "So" and "what" separately, which is not helpful.

Usually if you don't know a word or a phrase you can learn it from the helping words and get the right answer. But in this case if you don't know the phrase "lalu mengapa", you have no way of guessing it.

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