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  5. "صَديقها جورْج"

"صَديقها جورْج"

Translation:her friend George

July 6, 2019



SadiiqUhaa? Am I hearing an U sound here. If so, is it to indicate the definiteness of the word combination ('her friend')? So tricky when vowel signs are not shown even though I realise this is something you just have to get used to.


Saikuha in arabic you usually combine all grammar in the same word u have the name which is sadik (friend) ha means her friend if u were saying his friend instead you would say sadikuhu you just stop at the h in arabic you adress girls and boys differently


Well yeah the question is where did the "u" come from


Yes! Will someone please tell us where this "u" came from??? Or is it the ubiquitous additional vowel because it seems Arab speech objects to consonant clusters?


Not a native arabic speaker but to me it seems that saying Sadik-ha is weird and sadikuha is more flowing and natural sounding


More natural sounding to an Arab. There is no such thing as "natural sounding" in general. Every language has its own preferences.


Like this, out of context, could it also mean "Her friend is George"?


rbbekkhus, yes, it can. But, there is no "." (dot) sign (Edit: I mean: full stop" or "period" sign) -- so, here Duolingo wants us to translate it as a phrase and not a full sentence. However, "Her friend is George" should be accepted as well. We can report it :))


George and bob are friends with a lot of people!

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