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Arabic Word of the Day 72# [Journey in Arabia 14# - Palestine Facts!]

Hellooo! Today we’re going to quickly go through a few facts on our beloved land of Palestine! It was such a shame to see so much negatives on this place, and I’ve tried to avoid them therefore I’ve ended up with a short list of facts, but I’ll compensate for that tomorrow! :D Let’s begin:

1 The word “Palestine” actually originates from “Phillistia”. The land of the Philistines was given this name by the Greeks. [In Arabic, Palestine is “Filist^een”]

2 Both the Palestinians and the Israelis claim that Jerusalem is their capital city. Most of eastern Jerusalem is part of the Palestinian territories.

3 This country was originally called “Peleset”. There is mention of this in numerous Egyptian hieroglyphs.

4 In the past, the country has been ruled by the ancient Egyptians, Canaanites, Israelites, Babylonians, Assyrians, the Greeks and the Persians.

5 Christmas is celebrated three times a year in the Palestinian territories. As per the western tradition, on December 25th, the Greek Orthodox Christmas date-January 6th and as per the Armenians, on the 8th of January.

6 Olives are ingrained in Palestinian tradition and culture and 45 percent of land in the country is dedicated to its production. A large segment of this land lies in the West Bank region.

7 The Dead Sea which is the lowest point on the earth is part of the Palestinian territories.

8 Jesus [3isa] was Palestinian by birth but hardly anyone ever wants to acknowledge that he was non-European.

9 One of the world’s oldest churches, the Church of Nativity which is a mark of Jesus’s [3isa’s] birthplace is considered to be a sacred spot by Christians and Muslims alike.

10 Palestine’s government is a Parliamentary democracy with a bicameral legislature. The President is elected every four years and is currently Mahmoud Abbas. The Prime Minister is considered the Head of Government.

11 Several currencies are commonly used in Palestine: the US dollar, Jordanian dinars, and Israeli new shekels. The Egyptian pound is also accepted in Gaza.

12 The current population of Palestine is about 4.5 million people

13 Tourism is a large part of the Palestinian economy. Other predominant sectors include quarrying and the building stone industry, cement production, textiles, soap, olive-wood carvings and olive-related industries, and mother of pearl souvenirs.

14 The stone industry is the largest sector of the Palestinian economy. There are over 650 stone production sites in the West Bank, 138 of which are in Beit Fajjar. Quarried stones are cut int a range of pink, golden, sand, and off-white tiles and bricks which are known as Jerusalem stone. A significant portion of these stones are exported to Israel, Jordan, Europe, and North America.

15 For many centuries, olives have been a central part of Palestinian life, culture, and tradition. With over 45% of land in the country dedicated to olive trees, it is no surprise that they are a highly revered and treasured aspect of Palestine’s identity.

16 The majority of the population is Muslim, although there is also a large population of Christians as well

17 Ramadan is a holy month in Islam which includes fasting from sunrise to sunset. Because the majority of Palestinians are Muslim, Palestinian businesses adjust accordingly. Most all shops close before sunset. Most restaurants are also closed during the day, with the exception of some hotels catering to tourists. It can be considered offensive to those who are fasting to eat, drink, or smoke out in public during this holy month

18 Palestine is known for some of the most beautiful wildflowers in the world, popping into the existence mostly in April and May. These include irises, jonquils, wild poppies, and other vibrant species of flowers which paint the colourful hillsides during a short spring season.

19 There are several species of large wild animals in Palestine as well! These include foxes, mountain gazelles, Nubian Ibex (a desert-dwelling species of goat), wild boar, wolves, jackals, leopards, hyenas, and many types of migratory birds as well!

20 Also, I know this is a bit late in the post to mention this, but if you don’t even know where Palestine is, it is in Israel and often isn’t considered a country even though it is still there!

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve learnt a few general facts on Palestine [or Filist^een if you want to stick to Arabic] and see you guys tomorrow when we’ll be visiting Qatar! Until then stay safe guys ;)

! تحية للأبطال في فلسطين :D

July 6, 2019



Never knew much on Palestine. Thanks very much!


People consider Jesus European?

I am not really great with my geography over in the Middle East but I am pretty sure that it would either be considered modern day Palestine or Israel where He was from.


Well idk in England, it is quite neglected I dare say [I mean they just don't mention his birthplace tbh]... Plus, is it just me or are more British people atheist nowadays? :o


It’s not just British people...The U.S has a lot of atheists as well. (Nobody can/should make anyone feel forced into believing a certain way.) But me personally I have never been able to tap into a mind of an atheist. Every thing in this world is just “too perfect” to be a mistake.


Al-Aqsa Mosque or ٱلْـمَـسْـجِـد الْاَقْـصَى‎ in Arabic is located in Jerusalem. ^-^


I am not a Muslim, but I absolutely love and admire Islamic architecture! That mosque is really beautiful.


the bigger one (with the yellow dome) is named "Q^ubbat Assak^ra" :)


:D It posted! That means I was posting it incorrectly XD Soz laptop! Thx Ruwayda :D I just copied and pasted what you typed and it worked


Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy. You did it!



I have always thought I was a very bad dancer in the U.S, but in Arabia I might could be famous for it. LOL XD


I'm joining you. I could make money out of my basic[and horrible I have to confess] dancing.

God knows how many sweets I can buy with all that money. ^-^


Sharing is caring! :3


And how many streak freezes with all those lingots!


I was thinking how much food I could buy! YUMMY! _


Speaking of food, I ate a relative of Sassy yesterday. LOL


I've eaten loads of her relatives. In my Pot Noodles. XD

So nice ;p


XD LOL!!! I love the memes.


Don't forget me guyys XD


Sousou we wouldn't dare XD


I've never seen a US dance XD But I can imagine it XDD


A U.S dance? Either it is a country - stomping dance or it is an inappropriate pop dance.


Heyyy! I've seen that guy's face before! [the guy in the middle dancing like a pro XD] It must have been in one of those funny Arabic tv shows XD I miss my TV :'p


What happened?!


Once Upon a Time, the SASSY family had a beloved grey box tv [which SASSY regrets kicking every time it glitched] her parents bought before her older sis was even born [so you can tell how old it was] ... and last year her mum [being extra] said that "it's old and ugly" [which it was] so her dad finally trashed it :'p then he got a new tv when they moved house... its screen was the same size as SASSY's laptop! [sigh] so they all sat up right in front of the screen and watched in awe as SASSY pressed the golden button... NO SIGNAL ... [turns out our satellite dish needed fixing] @_@ So then her dad says "I'll fix it next week" [and if you know the SASSY family, if they say "next time" then basically, you should be well aware that it'll never happen] ....

And SO it never happened.


Moral of the tale: Don't be a procrastinator and QUALITY not Appearance.


Beautiful story. XD

I've got one too.

So all this happened back in 2011 when little Ruwayda was only 5. Her brother,big Abdi forehead[that's what I call him ;p] was a weird, violent one year old. He got a spoon and started hitting our beloved 50 inch Samsung TV. It broke. But back then we had two so it was fine. Now we use our second 45 inch LG TV and all is well ^-^


WOW mine was a Philips XD [that's how OLD it was!] and we also had another grey box tv but it was a DVD one... but the DVDs were like boxes [they were a really old type which were black boxes with tape in them and you'd shove the DVD box majigi inside a giant slot in the tv... Then we got rid of it cus they don't sell those boxy DVDs anymore. it's a shame cus we had so many DVDs I could've watched now [except I wouldn't ever watch Chicken Run again! I HATED it... It put me off chicken... until the next day of course lol]


When I was like 2 we had a massive boxy JVC then we threw that away.

I know what DVDs are. We used to have a TV in the play room that was like a DVD TV and we'd watch Toy Story and stuff like that. That was like 2010/2011/2012. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the good old days. :(


Were yours like that?^ I think they're called VHS films or something. Anyways, these are the ones I was talking about ;p


Yeah back when I was like 5 until we got DVDs.

I think they're called cassettes. ^-^


;p then I'm not the only child who was living in the olden times XD [only I'm quite sure I still had them when I was about 8 or 9 :3]


thanks for the story grandma! time to sleep.. ZZZZ


best lesson ever! LOVE IT ♥


Can you please explain what's the deal with paint in arab houses? I see a lot of them and many of them are not painted or only painted at the side that can be seen from the road/ street/ highway, why?!


you stopped posting! what happened?!


I noticed the same thing Sousou. I thought Sassy made mention in one of her posts about swing her family in North Africa? Maybe she is on that trip right now...


Ah I forgot it ! Yes she said she's going to Libya ^^ thanks for reminding me Andres !


Please do not remind me of the boars! ;)

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