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"أُحِبّ اَلْأَكْل في إيطالْيا."

Translation:I like the food in Italy.

July 6, 2019


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Why is the same word used for "eating" and "the food"? Is this فوص or a dialect? Anyone else use طعام for food instead?


What's a "foos"? Do you mean "fus7a"?

It works as both dialect and fus7a, but طعام is a valid alternative if you want to say "food."


There's no logic to it. That's just the way language is work. It can be confusing, but don't worry about it. The less you obsess about anomalies and ambiguity, the faster you will learn.


There is a logic to it in the sense that using the infinitive to refer to the material you use to do something and/or the product of doing something is not a one-time occurence in Arabic, but there's no logic to it in the sense that you can't predict to which words this applies except on a case-by-case basis.


Agreed. And, by the way, Arabic is much more logical in its morphological structure than most languages.


The best thing about arabic is there is 10 ways to say one sentence correct and be understood. So its great for beginners making mistake since the mistake is usually another way to express what u are saying or a slang or fusHa blend.


Also the 3 or 4 letter root system is INCEDIBLE for remembering many words just with K-T-B for example! You can make office and writer with that root but is also the verb to write and its conjugations which is so cool!


Why is "I like eating in Italy" not accepted? "I like travelling to Germany" has been accepted in the other exercise.


It totally should! It's frustrating that they never do anything about the reports. I hope it changes.

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