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  5. "أُخْت مُهِمّة"

"أُخْت مُهِمّة"

Translation:an important sister

July 6, 2019



In Arabic, "2u5t" can be used euphemistically to refer to a woman, especially in religious language. So "an important sister" can simply mean "an important woman." We sometimes use "2u5taah" ("O' sister"), which incorporates an archaic vocative suffix, to mock the pretentious register of Arabic and the obsession with women's behaviour that ultra-religious Muslims sometimes show. احذري الإيدز يا أختاه ("Beware AIDS O' sister") is a facebook page about sexual health directed towards the gay community, using the term to ironically refer to a male homosexual in this case, rather than an actual woman.


Useful point.

I suggest you mean fundamentalist, instead of ultra-religous. I for example, would consider myself an "ultra" religous Muslim but would not share the same homophobia as a fundamentalist.

Fundamentalism is indeed a major problem of the modern Muslim world but in my opinion should be considered heresy.

It is not a religious action to mock someone else and it is certainly not the behaviour of the Prophet Muhammed SAW.


Then it would be argued that you're not that religious. Since the Quran and the old testament are very specific and overt about these acts as sinful.


how do you say: A sister is important. As in the sentence Having a brother is great but a sister is important.


الأخت شيء مهم.

al-2u5t(u) shay2(un) muhimm.

A sister is an important thing.


or you could say: الاخت مهمة

al-2u5t(u) muhimma

the/a sister is important

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