"What is your name and where is your house, sir?"

Translation:ما اسْمَك وَأَيْن بَيْتَك يا أُسْتاذ؟

July 7, 2019



Asking where somebody's house is is strange, like you think they own the house but don't necessarily live in it. In Arabic, to ask "where do you live?" you say "أين تسكن؟" (ayna taskun[u]) to address a man, and "أين تسكنين" (ayna taskuniin[a]) to address a woman. That's if you're referring to an address. If you want to ask what city or country they're living in, you'll be more likely to phrase it أين تعيش\تعيشين (ayna ta3iish[u]/ta3iishiin[a]).

July 7, 2019


Thanks, this is exactly what I was wondering !

July 18, 2019


Sir doesn't mean professor.

July 10, 2019
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