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  5. "هٰذا الْكَلْب جَوْعان."

"هٰذا الْكَلْب جَوْعان."

Translation:This dog is hungry.

July 7, 2019



How do I know that it does not mean "This is the hungry dog"?


I think that would be

هذا هو الكلب الجائع.


Duolingo sentance: This + the dog + hungry = This (the) dog + is hungry = This dog is hungry.

Your questioned sentance: This + he + the dog + the hungry = This (he/it) is + the hungry dog = This is the hungry dog.


Does the subject after "haadha" require the definite article?


It does if you want to say, 'This dog is hungry'. Without the definite article, the sentence translates to 'This is a hungry dog', as far as I know (which isn't all that far!).


In Bangladesh, we use the arabic word "jaoan" not for 'hungry', but 4 meaning 'young'.


I'm seriously starting to think duo has cameras in my house. When this sentence came up my dog was gobbling her food. It's about the 3rd time duo has given me sentences regarding things that were happening around me at the time. I love you duo, but....


Why can't this be "this hungry dog"?


I think this hungry dog would need al- added to hungry as well as dog:

هذا الكلب الجائع.


Cmiiw, if we erase the "al", the sentence would mean "this is a hungry dog"


why not "a hungry dog?"


Je comprend pas très bien ce que veux dire هذا (peut être parce que je suis nulle en anglais et que je ne comprend pas ce que veut dire this) quelqu'un peut m'expliquer ??


C'est un mot qui identifie une personne ou un chose spécifique. «This» en anglais est comme «ce» en francais. «Ce chien ai faim.» "This dog is hungry." «Cette rivière est longue.» "This river is long."


Is there a way to skip permanentely some words/sentences? This course is overwhelmed by dogs. I hate them, thats one of the reasons I have chosen an arabic course, to avoid them, well...


Nope. Interesting logic for learning a language. I love dogs so sorry/notsorry. Try a different course if you dislike the mere use of them in language lessons.

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