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  5. "هٰذِهِ موزة رَخيصة."

"هٰذِهِ موزة رَخيصة."

Translation:This is a cheap banana.

July 7, 2019



What is the difference between هذا الموزة رخيصة and هذا موزة رخيصة?


The definite article ال means you are talking about a specific banana. "This banana." Without the definite article, it is just a cheap banana.


هذه الموزة رخيصة means "this banana is cheap".


It seems to me that هٰذِهِ موزة by itself is This banana. What is cheap? This banana. Therefore, This banana is cheap. May be my logic is incorrect. :) Also, Do not (This is a cheap banana) and (This banana is cheap) denote the same thing? Please, someone who is more knowledgeable help me out.


You can say هذه الموزة رخيصة for "this banana is cheap"


I agree with your confusion. I guess I need more practice.


I'm pretty sure this banana is cheap and this is a cheap banana are the same meaning in English. I flagged it, it'd be interesting to see a response.


"This is a cheap Banana" - kind of introduction, you present this banana, that is cheap. "This banana is cheap" - when the noun is informed (meaning it has an "ال" before it) - you are refering to this specific banana and tell something about it. But it is confusing, I agree


Far as i can tell the simple way to work out order of noun/adjective is the use of 'the' before noun. So if it reads 'this the banana is cheap' just exclude 'the' from translation, whereas if there is no 'the' then the adjective comes first, 'this is a cheap banana '. Though im certainly not in any position to say that is always the case it seems to be working so far

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