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Arabic is a very important global language!

Not only does it cover the majority of Arab countries, but it's a prime global market. There are approximately 292 million native speakers. Learning Arabic will increase business opportunities, have advantages above your competition, and be in high demand for applicants. Very few people from the West learn Arabic, so you will appear to be clever and sophisticated. Besides, Arab culture is rich and interesting. It's a myth the Arabic is hard to learn for foreigners. There are only three tones not found in English, which can be easily learned via imitation.

Good Luck to my fellow Duolingers!

July 7, 2019




I studied Arabic for a few years in school, and really enjoyed it. You're right about its importance these days - that's why I started to get back to it here on duolingo. I may also take a real longer course at a languages school to improve my reading and listening. Remember that the course is also still on its beta status, so it's probably much shorter than it supposed to be...


One more thing to add. Arabic is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.


I agree REALJOHNGREGOR. One of the reasons I started learning it was because I feel that just like English, Arabic is such an international language. No matter where you live, England, the US, or elsewhere, you will always find arabic speakers to communicate with. I think it's a useful language to learn.


Why exsactly are you learning 36 languages simultaneously?


I agree, I plan to take an Arabic course at my university alongside my mechanical engineering degree, so that I may become an qualified mechanical engineer in the Middle East. ( I am from England)

Not to mention, Arabic is a beautiful language!

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