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Add Pacific languages?

Languages such as Maori (Native NZ,) Samoan, Fijian, Tongan, etc are beginning to die out. I honestly believe that duolingo could really keep these languages alive. They have done projects such as these before such as Hawian. It would be great if we could get some Pacific representation in duolingo especially as it has such a diverse and amazing language and culture.

Thinking specifically Samoan for personal reasons however any other Pacific (Other than Hawian) would be appreciated.


July 7, 2019



Why ignore Hawian? Is’nt Hawian from the Pacific area?


Because Hawian is already there. And that's one country. I am talking about other countries in the Pacific such as Vanuatu, or Fiji, or Samoa, etc. I am not ignoring Hawian I am just saying could we have some more. Especially since Hawian is way away in America area and other smaller countries around the NZ and Australia area seem to be ignored a little.


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