Site to help remember Kanji! Here's a hilarious site with a bunch of Kanji that I use whenever I'm stuck! ***DISCLAIMER: THIS SITE DOES HAVE CURSES AND SWEARS

It lists: -Character and translation -The different Kanji and radicals used to make the kanji -Mnemonics -Kunyomi -Jukugo -Other Kanji that the Kanji you're looking at is used in

i.e. 菜 vegetable (flowertop) + 木 (tree) + (nest) Onyomi: SAI SIGH as you are forced by your stupid jerkface parents to eat cauliflower BUT IT LOOKS LIKE A BRAIN AND YOU KNOW THIS, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO MEEEEE?!?!??

Mnemonic: Those aren't flowers covering the nest on that tree . . . they're vegetables!

Jukugo: 野菜やさい
vegetable ★★★★☆ 野 (field) + 菜 (vegetable) = 野菜 (vegetable)

July 7, 2019



July 7, 2019

Looks fun, I'll have to come back once I'm further along

July 8, 2019
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