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"هَل أَنْتِ مُهَنْدِسة أُرْدُنِيّة يا أَرْوى؟"

Translation:Are you a Jordanian engineer, Arwa?

July 7, 2019



Why does Jordanian in arabic sound like "Urdunia"?

It sounds like someone is Urdu not Jordanian.

So how do you say someone is Urdu or speaks Urdu?


There are different names for some nations in other languages. Jordan is called Urdun in Arabic as India is also called Bharat in Hindi. Thanks.


Why the "toon" sound after 'muhandisa' and 'urdunia'?


"An engineer" is in the indefinite format, due to the word 'an'. Duo hasn't explained yet prior to this lesson, but the "tun" sound after the noun and its adjective indicate an indefinite format. This grammatical usage is called Tanwin and it has three sounds: "un", "an" and "in". Each sound indicates whether the word is in the nominative, accusative or genitive case. "Un" represents the nominative case.


It may seem like a very simple question, but it requires a very complicated answer that delves deep into the dark hole of Arabic grammar and the art of reading Arabic. A short answer is to read up on it later, but for now to know that you do NOT pronounce these when speaking with someone. These are only pronounced while reading texts.


I think b/c Arwa is a female and also the doer of being Jordanian, and urdunia because the this word has to describe arwah who is female and so this has to be feminine aswell... hope thats correct and makes sense

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