"Eu não falo a você, mas a ela."

Translation:I do not talk to you, but to her.

April 16, 2013

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Is this a natural way in portuguese to say, "I'm not talking to you... I'l talking to her" ?


Sim =) when someone interrupts a conversation we can say: "não estou falando com você, estou falando com ela"


I can't hear 'falo a', it sounds just like 'fala' to me. Is this how it's supposed to sound?


Why is this wrong? '" am not talking to you, but to her." I thought "eu falo" could be both "i talk" AND "i am talking"?


Depending on the context, simple present can be taken as present progressive. But thats not a rule. It's better to translate closest to the original. "I'm talking" would be "eu estou falando"


but = mas / more = mais. Some people pronounce they both as /mais/.


As an English speaker, the translation "i do not talk" vs " i am not talking" isn't the correct one...or, if you are more advanced than the test, it comes out incorrect.

[deactivated user]

    I am not talking = eu não estou falando... I don' talk = eu não falo... this is not german ;)

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