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"Él tendrá que caminar desde aquí."

Translation:He will have to walk from here.

June 9, 2014



Why not 'must' - which as far as I'm concerned is the same as 'to have to'?


I take Must as ''Deber''; El deberá caminar desde aqui = He must walk from here

But basically it's all the same...


Because this Spanish sentence has an element of duty or arbitrariness, I define "debe" as "ought to." "Ought to" does not have quite the meaning of "must," but "ought to" is an alternate translation for "debe." The literal translation of "deberá" to "will ought to" does not work in English, but using "must" does work.


I think Duo is fussy. Tener que = must, have to, present tense. Tendra' que = future, to have to


Are not will or shall interchangeable in this sentence?


The words from and here were not even options in the text bank

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