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"Bashir is an amazing Omani professor."

Translation:بَشير أُسْتاذ عُمانِيّ مُمْتاز.

July 7, 2019



Is there any rule for the order of the adjectives (the words "amazing" and "Omani")? I answered "Bashir - professor - amazing - Omani" as earlier I noticed that the adjectives appear to be placed after the noun. But now the correct answer shows 'amazing' to be the last word of the sentence. Any clarification would be appreciated!


There is no contradiction! you first have to say who/what you are talking about (Omani professor) and then you describe him/her/it (amazing). Because the sentence is all about trying to tell that he (Omani professor) is "amazing" , it not about telling that he is Omani.


I agree. I also find these sentences difficult


Tiene casi el mismo orden sintáctico del español. :) .

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