"There is no cash in your bag, Omar."

Translation:لَيْسَ هُناك نُقود في شَنْطَتَك يا عُمَر.

July 7, 2019

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Is the singular نقد ever used, and if so, what's its meaning?


Well, it means "criticism." And if my Arabic lexicon is to be believed, the two meanings are related, because used as a verb, it can mean both to criticize, or to separate the good from the bad, and in the olden days, that applied to separating good coins from debased ones.


What Arabic lexicon do you use?


Should be accepted without "hunak" as well


"Laysa" can't stand in this sentence without it, no, although there are expressions you could replace "laysa hunaak" with, for the same basic meaning.


Could please tell us what these expressions are?


Wrong traduction in Arabic, grammatically speaking: في is called حرف جر That is to say that in general every word that comes after ends with " Kasra" In our example : fi shantatika For a woman : fi shantatiki Ka and ki are called الضمائر المتصلة

Duo uses here what we hear in the street

Duo should create a special section for common and street expressions.

But not mix litteral classic arab with dialectal arabic that can change from country to another.



Exception في مكة Fi Makata because it is the name of a city, as names of countries.

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