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  5. "تَماماً يا مَها."

"تَماماً يا مَها."

Translation:Absolutely, Maha.

July 7, 2019



What's in between absolutely and maha? And what's it mean? Thx


The word يا is just what you use when addressing people in questions. It essentially is what is used in Arabic instead of a comma like in the English translation.

Here are some examples:

ماذا تظن عن هذا يا امير؟ What do you think about that, Amir?

هل هذا صحيح يا نعيمة؟ Is that correct, Naima?


You can also do without the extra "ya"


It's like saying : O' maha O' people... It's a way of calling. It's used a lot in religious books


I've been using "absolutely" as the translation of تماماً, but this time I tried using "totally" (as given as an option by Duolingo when tapping the word) and was marked incorrect. Why list a word as an appropriate translation and then not accept it as a correct answer?


Same thing happened to me.


What does mean "maha"?


Maha is a type of "Antelope"; a horned white skinned "Deer" with black legs and big eyes. Another way Arabs like to refer to nice characteristics by likening girls to certain animals with fast fit pace, big eyes or gentle mild attributes. Boys also get their fair share of names that can be translated into "Falcon", "Eagle", "Wolf" or "Lion" :)


A girl's name. Derived from a beautiful animal called Al-Maha.


Maha is a girl’s name


"completely" should also be accepted for "tamaman"

[deactivated user]

    It is an Arabic name for girls. If you are asking what does this mean. It means " a wild cow " :) . Do not get surprised. A wild cow has beautiful, black and big eyes.


    I Googled a bit and it brings up an Oryx. Is it specific to that animal, or just the type of animal?


    What kind of aribic is this? Egyptian? Iraqi? Classical?


    Modern standard, so the language used to write newspaper articles etc


    Totally is the same


    Could tamaman also mean "alright" or "enough"? In bosnian we say "tamam" when something fits just right or we want to say its enough (like when Somebody pours coffee for you). Is the use in Arabic similar?


    Cool, people, you are so helpful, thank thank you! Tamaman, ya people :)


    You are absolutely maha


    Reminds me of that Japanese mark :)


    i find it interesting that 'totally' is not accepted, but 'of course' is. tamaman means absolutely or totally but it CANNOT mean 'of course.' (please don't go to an arabic country saying this sentence.) This sentence just can't be used the same way it is in english, so be careful.

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