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"اَلْمُتَرْجِم مُتَرْجِم سَريع."

Translation:The translator is a fast translator.

July 7, 2019



Why the ''-moon" sound in the end of mutarjim?


The simple answer is that if a noun doesn't have الـ at the beginning it usually ends with -un ٌ / -an ً / -in ٍ

مُعَلِّمٌ Mu3allimun

If it starts with الـ then there isn't any N sound at the end. In this case it ends with -u ُ / -a َ / -i ِ

الْمُعَلِّمُ Almu3allimu

There are exceptions to the rule ofcourse.

Also you don't say / read the case-endings (-u(n) / -a(n) / -i(n)) for the last word you say / read.


Why is translator repeated twice?

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