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  5. "E holoholo kākou i kēia pō."

"E holoholo kākou i kēia pō."

Translation:Let's cruise tonight.

July 7, 2019



If "Let's all cruise tonight" is wrong, why is "kākou" in the sentence?? This is confusing to me.


I think it should be right. The "all" wouldn't be necessary in context, where the gang is all here, but it's a nice way to distinguish "kākou" from "kāua" which I tried to translate as "we two" a few minutes ago.


I agree. Did you flag it?


I said, "Let's cruise together tonight. It should be accepted. Kakou implies together, not everyone cruise separately.


Other prompts have included the additional word "kū" to convey "together."


Does cruise here mean in a boat, in a car, looking for sex, or some combination of those?


Hi! I'm raised in Hawai'i, and can explain. In Hawai'ian slang, "cruise" just means to go for a drive, hang out, with your friends. On the islands, there isn't much in way of public transportation and so being able to get around by car is essential to life there. When you are just driving around (with friends in the car) on your free time, for fun... looking for fun things to do.... just hanging out, basically in a casual way. There is no connotation of "looking for sex" - it just means going for a drive, for fun....


Thanks. That's one of the meanings I grew up with on the mainland. It's mainly all the maritime talk in Hawaiian that had me wondering whether this was limited to boats or ships.


I answered "we will cruise tonight" and It was wrong....


I think that would be "E holoholo ana kākou..."

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