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"هَل أَنْتِ دُكْتورة مَغْرِبِيّة يا سامْية؟"

Translation:Are you a Moroccan doctor, Samia?

July 7, 2019



In French, the word "maghrébin" refers to a person coming either from Algeria, Morocco or Tunisia. Does مغْرِبِيّۃ only refer to Moroccan people, or can it also be used for Algerians and Tunisians as well?


I believe this only refers to people from Morocco because in earlier lessons, we learned adjective "Tunisian"/"توتِسِي".


At least, there are specific words for Tunisia تونس Tunisian تونسي Algeria الجزائر Algerian الجزائري while Morocco only has مغرب and مغربي.

However, it might be that it also refers to the Maghreb region. Maybe a native speaker can provide an answer.


I came to ask the same question! I've always thought of le Maghreb as those three countries, each of which also has a name of its own. Maybe my French education saw the area through the lens of French influence. Wikipedia/Maghreb sheds some light on the history.


Why it is wrong? When corrected sentence is same as mine? I dont understand it

[deactivated user]

    Same for me!


    The narrator seems to be saying "Samia ten." What is the letter for that sound. I don't recall a lesson on it. Can someone explain, please? Thank you.


    I'm not really sure, but if I've understood well, the final letter ة (as you can see at the end of the words doktora, maghribiyya and Samia), when it is undefined, it sounds like "tun". That's why the whole sentence sounds like "Hal anti dukturatun maghribiyatun, ya Samiaten". (the issue is that it shouldn't be pronounced with people names. It must be a software problem when the audio was created).


    The "an" is the indefinite accusative case ending, which means the final letter "ta marbuta" is pronounced. I agree it must be a mistake in the audio.


    It is kind of punctuation, when undefined (without ال) or with no word defining elsewhere, a special punctuation is needed, either ٌ ً ٍ , and the ten sound you heard is " ً ", now when to use the different punctuations is way out of your level now and is so complicated imo.


    I think the audio has been corrected, cos I don't hear the 'ten' sound.


    Do both 'Moroccan' and 'Maghrebi(an)' translate as مَغْرِبِيّة / المغربي ?


    Yes, Maghreb is Morocco in Arabic, and Maghrebi means Moroccan. To refer to people from the Maghrebi region, the slightly different word مَغارِبيّ‬ is used.


    I have the same question


    It is not same for me


    Can't get passed this question, I am typing it exactly how it is suggested but seem to still get it wrong, any help?


    Im writing it exaclty how its supposed to be and im getting it wrong. Help me.


    There is a bug in Duo. I answer the exact correct answer as in Duo's answer but it is considered as wrong by Duo.

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