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"He pāʻani kinipōpō anei ʻo ia no ke kime?"

Translation:Is he a ballplayer on the team?

July 7, 2019



(link) https://manomano.io/definition/1970


[PE] 1 Part. indicating that a question may be answered by yes or no, always following a word or phrase. (Gram. 7.5) ʻAʻole anei? Isn't it so? Isn't it? Pēlā anei? Is it that way? Is that so? E hele ana anei ʻoe i ke kaona? Are you going to town? [PCP a(a)nei]

[LA] 1 adv The sign of a question, used after verbs or nouns; as, mai anei oia? is he sick? ua holo anei ia? has he sailed? he mai anei?


But it would mean the same thing without the anei (and also be correct), right? My impression is the anei is to emphasize that you want an answer, or am I reading too much into it?

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