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  5. "هٰذِهِ طاوِلة قَديمة."

"هٰذِهِ طاوِلة قَديمة."

Translation:This is an old table.

July 7, 2019



Is it different from 'this table is old'? If yes, how is it different?


this table is old = هذه الطاولة قديمة


هَذِهِ طاوِلة قَديمة

I've typed the above repeatedly and it keeps being marked wrong. How is it different from the answer given?

Edit: Never mind. I found that shift + U on Chromebook creates the mark that lets me write "ه‘ذِهِ." It still doesn't look like the solution, but duo accepts it. Frustrating.


The one thing i just got from above mentioned issue is "alif dajar/ ' " on "ha/ھ". Alif dajar will stretch ha a bit long like "haa". And the word you typed, it will sound like "ha", instead of "haa".

[deactivated user]

    Hello everyone. I don't understand this sentence. هذه طاواة قديمة meaning: this is an old table But how is differences between this table is old


    Why don't the meaning is "this is a garden table?" Or anyone can explain more well???


    Is it pronounced hadhih or hadhihi?


    مكتب and طاولة are same or no?

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