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  5. "هٰذا رَقَمي."

"هٰذا رَقَمي."

Translation:This is my number.

July 7, 2019



If you wanted to say “my phone number”, where would you add the possessive ending? رقمي هاتف? But I guess semantically speaking it’s actually “my phone’s number”, so maybe it should be رقم هاتفي?


My phone number would be رقم هاتفي


Duo is really flirty


In other sources i'm starting to see arabic words without closed vowels. How i'm supposed to know what closed vowels are between the consonants if they are invisible?


Yeah, this aspect of Arabic really is awful for nonnative speakers but that is the way it is.


What does "closed vowels" mean? Is it the harakat? If so, why are they called "closed"?


Why is 'my number' 3 syllables (ra.qa.mee)? Shouldn't it be only 2 (raq.mee)? I started studying Arabic from a book many a year ago, without access to the spoken language, and that's how I interpreted the diacritics (number = raqm / raqmun). Did I learn this wrong?


Number is رَقَم or raqam. My number is رَقَمي or raqamii. There is a second a in there.


General question about this program: many times new vocab is not pre-taught, but appears for the first time in an exercise. Am I missing some section of the platform? I always read the TIPS section and then hit START.

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