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"اَلْمُعَلِّمة جَديدة وَجَيِّدة."

Translation:The teacher is new and good.

July 7, 2019



What would: "the new and good teacher" be please?


@NaiNaileper: That's المعلمة الجديدة و الجيدة The adjectives need to be in same number, gender and definiteness (hence need the 'Al' on them). Hope this helps.


Hello. I am confused i translated it as follow : the new teacher is good. -- i am not sure that the correct answer is a proper english translation. Plesase if someone can tell me how you i should say " the new teacher is good" ?? Thank you


The correct answer for the given sentence is - "The teacher is new and good".

"The new teacher is good" would be "المعلمة الجديدة جيدة".

If "new" is defining the "teacher" as in "new teacher", then both words have to have the same gender, number and definiteness. Since "the teacher" is definite (has an ال prefix), the adjective will also need to be definite. So المعلمة الجديدة means "the new teacher"; and جيدة means "is good".

Hope this helps.


So why is "the teacher is good and new." not correct


Because the order of the words "good" and "new".

It makes the reader feel that you think:

Good = جديدة

New = جيدة

It's best to not create that impression if you can avoid it. That's what I think. Hope this helps.

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