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  5. My streak is gone!


My streak is gone!

I had a streak of about 220 or so (not sure specifically), and it was there yesterday. However, today it's saying that my streak is 2. It's true that I didn't practice on Saturday, but I had a streak freeze on that had worked, to the best of my knowledge.

Is there any way to fix that, or am I stuck?

June 9, 2014



Sometimes the streak doesn't 'refresh' if you keep your browser open. This means that it appears that your streak is maintained when it really isn't. What probably happen is on Friday, you probably forgot to buy a new streak freeze on Friday, lost the streak on Saturday and then practiced Sunday and Monday (which is why you have a two day steak now).
I suggest only using the streak freeze for 'emergency situations' where you get busy and forget to log on. If you have the time to log on, you are better off completing a quick timed exercise (getting at least one point will maintain your streak), and then if you forget one day, you still have your streak freeze as backup.


you weren't active on Wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday...


Yeah, I got busy, so I quickly came on and refilled my streak freeze for all those days.

Even then, I had my streak yesterday, when I did participate, so it doesn't make any sense why it would be gone today.


Just do a timed practise, do 1 sentence and your streak is rescued. That is what i do when i have no time. The streakfreeze is for when i can(t totaly get on the internet or forget.


You might get more answers if you post this in troubleshooting.


Okay, done. Thanks.

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