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"Ua aʻo ʻoe i ke aha i kēia lā?"

Translation:What did you learn today?

July 7, 2019



Can someone explain the position of "i ke aha" in this sentence?


I wish when I click on a single word, DLHawaiian wouldn't give me the whole sentence


My explanation: the sentence more literally translated is "you learned what this day?" So I think aha is what, it needs a ke in front, because that's what Hawaiian does, and the i signifies the part of the sentence coming up, i.e. "a thing." Just happens the thing is "what" which isn't how we think of it in English. But very consistent with the sentence structures I've learned here.


How can one tell the difference between"what did you learn today?" and "did you learn today?"?


As Eliza727459 explained it, "i ke aha" is "what" (as an object). I think (but someone with more advanced knowledge please correct me) "did you learn today" would be "ua aʻo ʻoe i kēia lā."

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