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Arabic Word of the Day 73# [Journey in Arabia 15# - Qatar Facts!]

Hello! Qatar is our new destination, so let’s look at some interesting [I hope] facts on this awesome country! ;D

  1. Qatar is among the top ten leading producers of LNG – liquefied natural gas.

  2. The state of Qatar recently spent an incredible $30 billion dollars on new infrastructure. Leading transport projects included Ashghal’s Expressway and the New Port Project. Leading property projects included the Msheireb development and the Lusail City project.

  3. Qatar State has experienced significant economic growth. Continuing economic growth has helped to make Qatar one of the world’s richest nations.

  4. The Hamad International Airport was opened in 2014. It has the ability to handle around fifty million passengers each year.

  5. The Hamad International Airport is the ninth biggest in the world.

  1. Revenue generated from oil and natural gas reserves makes Qatar residents the second-highest earners in the world. There are numerous banks in the state including commercial banks, foreign banks, and the Qatar Central Bank.

  2. Qatar will host the next FIFA World Cup to be staged in 2022. Qataris also enjoy many sports including handball, drag racing, golf, powerboat racing, futsal, basketball, camel racing, water sports, swimming, and cricket.

  3. The opening trip of the World Motocross championship was held in Qatar in February 2015. The off-road motorcycle race was run during the night owing to the extreme daytime heat.

  4. The Qatari National Football League are Middle East Champions. The Qatar Stars League was founded in 1963 and consists of fourteen teams.

  5. Amateur pearl divers still swim the Inland Sea off the shore of Qatar in search of Pearl Oysters. Many Qatari people once earned their living diving for pearl oysters.

  6. The Aspire Zone sports academy was built on 240 hectares of land. The sporting paradise is home to medical facilities, a mosque, parkland, a retail area, an International sports Stadium, a sports club and a sports education class.

  7. Qataris eat their main meal of the day at lunchtime. Karak tea is served after meals; the rich milky tea is laced with Cardamom. The Friday midday meal, after prayers, is usually a time for the whole family to get together.

  8. Many Qataris enjoy sweet foods. In Qatar it is traditional to eat a large spoonful of honey at night and in the morning. The people of Qatar relish fresh dates and picanuts.

  9. Traditional Qatari food is influenced by Indian and Iranian cuisine. Qatari speciality dishes include Ghuzi, Motabel, Biriani, Taboulleh, and Hummus.

  10. Machbous is an important traditional dish. The rich stew consists of meat and rice or seafood and rice.

  1. Many Qataris do not use cutlery. The meal is served in a large dish and the diners use bread to scoop-up their food.

  2. The “Thoub” is the traditional costume worn by Qatari men. The Thoub is a long white shirt that is worn over boxer style shorts or long white cotton trousers. As a matter of pride, all Thoubs must be immaculately laundered.

  3. Qatari women wear a long black cloak known as an Abaya. Traditional Qatari females wear a djelabia or a dress under the cloak.

  4. Male tourists are not expected to wear vests and shorts. Female tourists are not expected to walk around in short-sleeved dresses or mini-skirts.

  5. Topless sunbathing is not allowed in Qatar. Swimmers and sunbathers are encouraged to wear a long tee-shirt over their costume.

  6. Qatari businessmen rarely wear a traditional business suit. Male office workers wear light-weight trousers, a long-sleeved shirt and a necktie.

  7. Leading tourist attractions include Aladdin’s Kingdom also known as The Entertainment City. The Msheireb Enrichment Center is an amazing and informative floating museum. Other famous tourist attractions include The Doha Corniche Park and the picturesque market known as the Souk Waqif.

  8. The small village Al Thakira is home to many unusual fish and sea slugs. Nature lovers like to go snorkelling in the Mangrove Swamps. The Al Thakira Nature Reserve is widely regarded as a national treasure.

  9. Qatar offers little, if any night life. Tourists looking for live music, parties and bars should head for Doha, the capital city of Qatar.

  10. The Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum is one of the largest private museums of its type. The museum is ideal for art lovers, historians, holidaymakers and culture vultures.

  11. The range of rocky hills known as Al Jassasiya is renowned for its pre-historic carvings. The rocky hills are nestled between the villages of Al Huwailah and Fuwairit.

  12. Qatar State was protected by Great Britain until 1971, when it became independent. In 1995, Crown Prince Khalifa announced freedom of the press and allowed women to vote.

  13. Qatar is home to one hundred and eighty different nationalities!

  14. Families can enjoy a picnic or play in one of the many well-kept parks, take a Dhow ride or go on a family camp in the desert.

  15. Qataris are a minority in their own country?! The country's expatriate workforce community continues to catalyze the progress that Qatar has been witnessing in various fields with Indians, Nepalis, and Bangladeshis making up the Top 3 expat communities calling Qatar 'home.'

  16. Camels were the only mode of transportation in Qatar before cars and other modes of getting around took over

  1. There are approximately 3 to 5 hang-out spots in Qatar that look exactly like Italy?! After Villagio opened in 2006 and expanded ever since, we now have The Pearl's Qanat Quartier, and yes—the newly-opened and awe-inspiring Al Hazm Mall joining the line-up!

  2. Thursdays and Fridays were the weekends till 2003?! Who would've thought that we'll be snuggling on a Saturday instead of Thursday???

  3. Qatar was recently named the 32nd happiest country in the world and 2nd in the MENA region by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for 2018?! Apart from that, Doha is also known globally as one of the safest cities in the world!

  4. When Qatar won the honor to host the 2022 World Cup, it bested four giant hopefuls namely Japan, Australia, South Korea, and the United States!

  5. Qatar is set to become the MENA region's theme park-central by 2020?! With Virtuocity, KidZania, Bounce Facility, and the newly-opened Angry Birds World currently in full-swing.

So that’s it for today! I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post and cya guys next time :D Have a Great Night!

July 7, 2019



See you've put photos in your post little one. XD

Nice post. Thanks! ^-^

Qatar is set to become the MENA region's theme park-central by 2020?! With Virtuocity, KidZania, Bounce Facility, and the newly-opened Angry Birds World currently in full-swing.

KidZania!!! I love that place. Only been once but who cares. Too sad they couldn't have a Thorpe Park. ;p


Little one? Sorry! Who's older me or you honey!? :p XD Well obviously I was gonna put pics in my post once I figured out how to ;p

I don't even know Kidzania existed but yeah ;p I mean I've never been to a theme park with my parents [they don't take me anywhere :'p] but I've been to Thorpe Park, Alton Towers and I forgot the other one... It began with a D ummm... anyways! Who cares! I'm practically scared of all rides XD The only ones I like are water rides, bumper cars [obviously], the pirate ship and the ghost train :3 that's cus I'm scared of heights lol [except when it's a high water ride I enjoy it for some reason]


I love all rides! Especially the scary rides! XD

Yes, I've been on Stealth. XD

ps. You're still the little one. ;p

one more ps. KidZania's in Westfield[it's HUGE been a few times hehe ;p]


No way! My friends almost forced me to go on the Stealth but I slipped away in time! I swear it's only a 3 sec ride! That's how fudging fast it goes! I almost peed myself on the bloody Rush! :S The most one I liked was the Tidal Wave ;p

Maybe I'm considered little for begin so scared XD


I have enjoyed my tour around the Arab world with your series!

I really like 4# and 5# (I wish we had a standard closer to that in the U.S.) Maybe our divorce rates would go lower?

The picture of that plate of food looks delicious!


I'm sure the US has loads of cool stuff that's why everyone wants to go there too! Ha XD How high is the US divorce rate anyways? I must say that Arabia [as I'm guessing] in general, probably has a low divorce number... [looks like getting allocated to a mate isn't so bad after all XD - That's what happens in almost every Arab family]

I've never tried it, but it must be nice :P

Oh and sorry for replying late and yeah I also didn't post yesterday cus my Wi-Fi supplier decided to break down and had to wait for it to fix so :3


The U.S is a nice place we have NYC, the Grand Canyons, and other stuff (The most famous thing to see in North Carolina where I live is Grandfather mountain it is beautiful! I have been there 2 times, they have a mile high bridge and I am afraid of heights LOL)

The U.S divorce rate? I don’t know it off the top of my head, but all my grandparents and most of my aunts and uncles have been divorced. Just from where I live and personal experience knowing of divorces (not like my personal experience...I have never been married and I am not interested now, I am talking about people I know.) I would say that for every 3 marriages 2 will end up in a divorce. (2:3)


That's some high divorce rate. 2:3! I thought it was like 1:4[which is till pretty high if you think about it]! ^-^

I just typed up 'Things to do in England' and most the places you can visit are in[no surprise at all] London! I actually just came back from a trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens[my limbs are aching]. XD


2:3 is the number of people I have met where I live. It is very sad.

London (Really?! a tourist place??No way LOL) I could go get a selfie with the queen over there!!!

If you ever hear of a violin arrested for trying to get a selfie with the queen, you will know who it was...


How'd you not know? I see tourists a lot[especially during summer ;p].

XD I sure will! Maybe even tell people I know this كمان kamaan/ violin. Might become famous.



Well England is trash! I mean obviously when you visit, it isn't the same as when you live there, no? When you visit you go to all the "best" places and wander around and stuff, but when you live there, you don't do any of that! You just sit there, and have a shower in the rain!

My legs are actually gonna fall off any second now! XP We just had Sports Day! OH my lord I didn't do anything worth this pain! :S I have to hop around everywhere :'p


:O That's high! I've actually never heard of any of my family members ever getting divorced!


Bahain's flag and Qatar flag are so similiar you noticed?


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. I just realised! XD


Yup! Whenever the two played against each other in a football match it was impossible to tell who's cheering who XD


LOL you watch football ?


A little bit though I prefer to play it rather than watch it


WOW you can practice sport ? 0.0

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