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  5. "هٰذا مَطْبَخ."

"هٰذا مَطْبَخ."

Translation:This is a kitchen.

July 7, 2019



People will probably ask how to say "this kitchen". That would be هذا المطبخ That's it ;)

  1. Thank you.
  2. The only difference between "this kitchen" and "this is THE kitchen", written in Arabic, is a period at the end. Correct?


This is the kitchen could be : هذا هو المطبخ


Sorry the difference is the ال before مطبخ



The statement ".هذا المطبخ" can mean:


".هذا المطبخ :

"this kitchen." (Like estevam56 said)


هذا المطبخ. : هذا هو المطبخ :

"this is (the) kitchen." (Like hadi949111's).

But, I assume that Duolingo will accept only the first one.


"This kitchen" has ال at the beginning of مطبخ


My answer was "this is kitchen". Why is it wrong?


"This is a kitchen". We need "a" as an article of the "kitchen" word.


This sentence is very similar in Hebrew with identical nouns מטבח // مَطْبَخ.


AniOhev, the מטבח Hebrew word sounds like "mithbakh" مِثْبَخْ!

For Arabic, if we follow Standard Grammar (with full diacritics plus the ending sound), the sentence above will be:

هَذا مَطْبَخٌ : hadhaa maTbakhun

So, how about Hebrew? Is there any ending sound?


Good point that the nouns have identical roots but are not identical phonologically. Hebrew is מִטְבָּח, miṭbāḥ (or miṭbach). The root verb ṭbḥ, to 'butcher, slaughter, cook,' with the mem added for the noun 'kitchen' (ṭabāḥ 'cook').


AniOhev, interesting!

Pretty similar with Arabic. The root for مطبخٌ - "maTbakhun" is طَبَخَ "Tabakha" - to cook (ط ب خ). We form the "maTbakhun" word from "Tabakha" with wazan/pattern maf3al (وزن مَفْعل) to indicate the place. Literally, maTbakh means: "the place to cook".

By the way,

I don't see any nikud at the last letter ח. So, is the last letter automatically regarded as a dead letter (ie. ח has no sound)? Whilst in Arabic, ACTUALLY there should be خٌ -khun at the last letter. مطبخٌ maTbakhun.

Secondly, how do you write the nikud in Android Phone, AniOhev? My Gboard doesn't provide the nikud, I have tried some nikud app but doesn't work well.


I think for Android Phone you just choose the Hebrew font, as with the i-phone, but I'm not positive so you can google how to do it. It may be easier on computer to download keyboard fonts. The last latter is a chet and it sounds more or less like a k. Yes, for מִטְבָּח the the chet ends the word.


Yes, I thought too - Computer Keyboard is easier.

:D شكرا جزيلا، אני אוהב!


What is on the ه ?


It's called a dagger alif. It's pronounced like a long a and used in place of fathah + alif. So, "haadha", instead of "hadha".

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