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  5. "He has nineteen dogs."

"He has nineteen dogs."

Translation:He ʻumikūmāiwa āna ʻīlio.

July 7, 2019



Can someone explain this word order?


pronouns and proper names are treated differently in word order. The pronoun (āna) goes before "ʻīlio". A proper name (Keoki) goes after "ʻīlio". He has nineteen dogs. - He ʻumikūmāiwa āna ʻīlio. Keoki has nineteen dogs. - He ʻumikūmāiwa ʻīlio a Keoki.


I keep putting "ilio" before "ana."


It makes sense to put the noun after or before Something isn't right in this exercise In Tahitian your answer would have been right Both languages share some similarities. But here I'm baffled at times in the word order. Like it got lost in translation?

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