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  5. "a new house"

"a new house"

Translation:بَيت جَديد

July 8, 2019



Seems like sometimes the word order is reversed, other times it's not. How can we tell when to reverse the order?


Jadid is an adjective Bayt is a noun In arabic, the noun comes first, on the right Then comes the adjective بیت جدید بیت کبیر باب عظیم


Yes please someone explain this, i'm very confused.


In arabic adjective comes after the noun i.e. bait jadid


How do you pronounce "house" in arabic? And what are the letters for it?


You read from right to left <- so the word you search is the one on the right as people would say “house new” so b + a + ii + t are the used letter using the order of pronunciation. Remember : You see them written from the right to the left.

B : ب and to get a « ba » just see the line : َ Ba : بَ Then to add the ii, the letter ي is used, but position changes the aspect of the letter يي those are two ii but the first one is “morphed” To conclude you add a T (ت)

بَيت (baiit)


Baiit means house or New? Atleast explain it


بيتٌ جديدٌ

(1) baitun (or bait) = house

(2) jadiidun (or jadiid) = new

So, baitun jadiidun (or bait jadiid) = a new house. Here adjective (jadiid) is put behind the noun (bait).


You can click on the word to know the meaning


Wait what? What are the meanings before


So I spelt "new" like that : جاديد and it was accepted. But the correct spelling seems to be جَديد meaning short a and not long a. Why was it accepted then ? No typo was even underlined. Is it like both are actually correct ? Like the arabic spelling is somehow a bit flexible. Or is it just a mistake from duolingo ? I'm genuinely curious.

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