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  5. "اَلْجارة وَالْقِطّة"

"اَلْجارة وَالْقِطّة"

Translation:the neighbor and the cat

July 8, 2019



Sounds like an intriguing book title.


Written by Dr Seuss


Why does the first noun have a 'u' ending but the second noun does not.


I believe the feminizing ta marbuta on the second noun is silent and the anticipated 'u' ending assimilates into silence.


It's not really silent, it's pronounced as an "h." That's why we write it that way, as a combination of a haa2 and a taa2. It's because it is pronounced like the formal when it's the last sound in the word, and a taa2 when you add a grammatical ending to it.

You are right about the ending being "assimilated into silence," but just to express this more clearly: you don't pronounce the ending on the very last word in an utterance.


How is الجارة supposed to be pronounced at the end?


why is he pronouncing it aljairottu? There's no T? اَلْجارة


The last letter is a sort of t letter that is not pronounced as a t if it is at the end of a sentence, becoming an h sound, but is pronounced if you are continuing.


Neighbouring and Cating.


My predictive text on my phone is predicting duo lingo phrases and part phrase.... ...it's learning some strange sentences in English and Arabic :)!

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