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July 8, 2019



you cant even know if its the verb or just a name

[deactivated user]

    You are right Because i sm native. I know it is a boy name


    I'm new to Arabic, so I had a look into this. Would the verb be pronounced differently, which would be more obvious if there were vowel indicators... زَيَّدَ (zayyada)?? or is there indeed a verb form that is pronounced as the name?


    The verb of that can be : زاد .. زوّد Which means "increased" .. "provided" respectivly.

    For me زيد is always a name :)


    Yes, the verb would be pronounced zayyada. There is no verb form that is pronounced zayd.


    Why so many names in learning arabic? I think its a shame. The sentences like: 'a new door' is usefull. but I feel like learning only names.


    I agree to an extent: but I think we should learn common names as well so that when we encounter them in sentences we can identify them and not spend time and confusion trying to translate them. Names are also good for alphabet practice. But they do need to find a good balance and not go too heavy with names at the extent of other useful vocabulary.


    I agree. I don't want to learn these names--neither the English nor the Arabic ones. I want to learn useful Arabic vocabulary that I can use in day to day life.


    This 100%. I feel like im wasting my time.


    I initially spelled this as Zayeed and it was marked as incorrect. I think there should be some allowances for first name transliteration. I've seen Zayeed as the English rendering of this Arabic name before.


    How do i know its meaning? Doulingo didnt teach me that.


    This is a name of man زَيْدٌ مثلا نقول : جاء زيد اكل زيد ضرب زيد زيد قوي


    Could be translated as: Happy. Or: A happy man?


    Zayd does not mean happy - do you mean Sa3iid?


    Zayd vs. Zaid. Zaid is wrong that is absurd i know many people who write it as Zaid and not Zayd


    Has auto correct been getting to anyone latley? And why is the autocorrec feature not working here on the comments section? If duolingo did this then whyhere and not on the lessons which are more important?


    Zayd is an English word?


    It is a transliteration of a common Arabic name


    I know Arabic but a few

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